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Riga Bike Tour |
Riga Bike Tours

Riga City Bike Tour

There are many ways to get around a city. Some like to walk while others like to take a bus tour. However one of the most popular ways to see ...

Riga Gun Shooting Activity |
Riga Shooting Range

Riga Gun Shooting

Experience the thrill of firing live ammo with our Riga gun shooting activity. Over the years this has become one of the most popular activities to do in Riga. You ...

Riga Quad Bike Activity |
ATV Off-road

Riga Quad Biking

Do you love the thrill of off roading? Have you ever tried quad biking? Hop on to one of these monstrous ATVs and power through the woods on trails and ...

Riga Beer Bike Activity |
Riga Beer Bike

Riga Beer Bike

The best way to tour the city is on the movable feast that is the beer bike. See everything Riga has to offer, all while seated across from your friends, ...

Wind Tunnel Activity In Sigulda |
Riga Wind Tunnel

Sigulda Wind Tunnel

The Sigulda Wind tunnel is the closest thing to the thrill of a real free-fall. As the wind rushes by at 200kph you can move and experience skydiving like conditions. ...

Kayaking In Riga Activity |
Riga Kayaking

Riga Kayak By Night

Our Kayak at night tour is a fun and , while many are in the bars and restaurants of Riga's old town, you will be Kayaking through the Riga canal ...

Riga SUP Tour |
Riga SUP Boarding

Riga SUP Boarding

During the long summer evenings, there is no better way to see Riga than on a Stand Up Paddle board, or SUP for short. Effectively a surfboard but wider, SUP's ...

Curling In Riga |

Riga Curling

Slipping around and pushing stones across the ice does not sound like the best way to spend a couple of hours. That is until you try Curling for the first ...

Clay Pigeon Shooting In Riga |
Clay Pigeon Shooting Riga

Riga Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is a year round, all around blast and one of the most popular activities on our list. Compete with your friends or in groups of your party ...

Riga Bubble Football Activity |
Riga Bubble Football

Riga Bubble Football

Zorb football has firmly become one of the most popular activities we have to offer. A mixture of football, wrestling and bouncing around like a loon.

Riga Segway City Tour |
Riga City Segway Tour

Riga Segway City Tour

If you are looking for a more exciting way to explore Riga, look no further than a Riga Segway city tour. These machines are fun, fast and effective at getting ...

Riga Nightlife Tour

Riga Nightlife Tour

Are you ready for a crazy night out on the town? We can make it happen for you! Book with us, and you'll have a night to remember. Our local ...

Traditional Latvian Beer Tasting Activity |
Riga Beer Tasting

Traditional Latvian Beer Tasting

Latvia has thousands of years of beer making experience. So it’s definitely worth trying a few of the local brews while you’re here! Sample 4 local Latvian beers ...

Riga Water Jetpack Activity |
Water JetPack Riga

Riga Water Jet Pack

Shoot out of the water like a superhero or a James Bond villain with a water jet pack attached to your feet and arms. A Jet Ski will provide the ...

Riga Paintball Activity |

Riga Forest Paintball

Paintball is one of the all time classic group activities. Set in the depths of a Latvian forest you will play a number of different game scenarios. From capture the ...

Riga Outdoor Karting Activity |
Outdoor Karting

Riga Outdoor Go-Karting

Outdoor karting has always been a favourite for those looking to mix fun with an element of competition. The specially designed track has a number of hairpin turns and ...

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