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Kayaking In Riga Activity |
Riga Kayaking

Riga Kayak By Night

Our Kayak at night tour is a fun and , while many are in the bars and restaurants of Riga's old town, you will be Kayaking through the Riga canal ...


Riga Curling

Slipping around and pushing stones across the ice does not sound like the best way to spend a couple of hours. That is until you try Curling for the first ...

Riga SUP Boarding

Riga SUP Boarding

During the long summer evenings, there is no better way to see Riga than on a Stand Up Paddle board, or SUP for short. Effectively a surfboard but wider, SUP's ...

Riga River Cruises

What's the best way to see Riga? By sea! Take a river cruise and enjoy the sites on a leisurely trip down the Daugava. Enjoy a drink or some food ...

Riga Beer Tasting

Traditional Latvian Beer Tasting

Latvia has thousands of years of beer making experience. So it’s definitely worth trying a few of the local brews while you’re here! Sample 4 local Latvian beers ...

Coffee Cupping | Experience Baltics
Coffee Making

Discover Coffee Experience

Coffee is a fundamental part of the day for millions of people. We drink coffee to kick-start our day, we drink it with friends and we drink it when we ...

Brew-Pub & Micro Brewery Tour

Micro-Brewery Tour & Beer Tasting

Brewing beer in Latvia is nothing new. However with the rise in popularity of micro-breweries, a whole host of brew pubs, gastro bars & craft beer pubs have opened. ...

Latvian Craft Beer Tasting

This activity is perfect for sampling some local flair! The Latvian craft beer scene is emerging as one of the most dedicated and talented in all of Europe, and here's ...

Riga City Code Game

Turn Riga into one big board game. Our very own city code game is a great way to get out and see Riga, all while playing one of our themed ...

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