Visit Riga – Where to stay in Latvia’s Dynamic Capital

Riga has quickly become one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. The Latvian capital is a top choice for travelers seeking weekend getaways, long breaks, or backpackers just passing through. Anyone planning to visit Riga can find a wealth of great places to stay. Riga hotels are a great option when staying in the Latvian capital. Travelers who prefer staying in an Airbnb will find a number of great Riga apartments to spend their time in. No matter what a traveller is looking for, they will find it when they visit Riga.

Riga Hostels

Travelers will find more than 35 hostels on a visit to Riga. The capital has a number of high-quality hostels for visitors to enjoy. Hostels in Riga range in price, but each offers the chance to meet with a diverse group of fellow travellers. A Riga hostel experience could provide a tourist the chance to make a new travel friend.
Anyone looking for a cheap hostel stay can find accommodation for under £4. The Yellow Hostel Central is located in the middle of the city and provides backpackers looking to save money a bed. Slightly more expensive is the Riga Old Town Hostel and Backpackers Pub. It is situated in Riga’s Old Town and rooms start at £8. The Old Town Hostel provides towels, Wi-Fi, free breakfast beer, air conditioning, and much more. Riga’s hostels provide a starting price point for every traveler on any visit to Riga. Hostels are great as visitors can stay in individual rooms or in larger dorm-style accommodation. The dorm accommodation is perfect for large groups travelling together.

Riga Hotels

Riga hotels range in prices from cheap to expensive and everything in between. In some cases, Riga hotels can be slightly more expensive than a night in a hostel. Yet, the small price difference could provide tourists with more luxury than a night in a hostel.
Some of the cheaper Riga hotels are quite simple, but the price dictates the amenities. Mid-priced hotels like the Metropole or Monika Centrum will cost between £60 and £90 per night. Meanwhile, luxury Riga hotels will set travellers back more than £130 a night. For example, the Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga will cost more than £200 per night. Most hotel rooms sleep one to two persons. Tourists should shop around for the perfect hotel when they visit Riga.

Riga Apartments and Airbnb

Airbnb offers a number of Riga apartments visitors can book. Whether staying for a long period or a short time, there are Riga apartments to suit every traveler’s need. Many of the apartments advertised on Airbnb are trendy and new. Cool lofts with great décor can be found for individuals or larger groups.

Airbnb offers one and two-bedroom flats that can be rented during a trip to the capital. The majority Riga apartments cost between £20 and £40 per night. Apartment location can vary, but travellers can find options in Riga’s Old Town or in the centre of town. The two locations will situate travellers near some of the best tourist attractions in the capital.

Riga received over 2.3 million visitors in 2016. Due to the city’s growing reputation as a top travel destination, it is a perfect time to visit Riga. Thanks to the city’s diverse collection of accommodation, there is no shortage of great places to stay.

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