Top Riga Activities During Winter

Riga is a winter wonderland when the snow falls and the temperatures drop. Travellers to the Latvian capital can find an assortment of indoor and outdoor activities to keep them busy. Riga offers winter travellers something completely different than Europe’s southern locales. Snow, ice, and cold weather make for an exciting trip and visitors will not be disappointed when trading in warm weather for Baltic Sea fun.

Cross-country & Downhill Skiing

Latvia is one of Europe’s least mountainous countries. But that doesn’t mean travellers won’t be able to ski. Cross-country skiing is a favourite pastime in and around Riga. Victory Park is home to a well-maintained cross-country ski track that is easily accessible. Sigulda is a popular area near Riga that offers fairytale views of nature while skiing across mounds of snow.

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Several regions in Latvia offer downhill skiing. Resorts such as Zagarkalns, Zviedru Cepure, and Milzkalns are all great options for tourists looking to get out of the city and further into nature. Each resort is well-equipped and maintained for a ski holiday unlike any other in Europe.

Bobsleigh & Luge

Travellers can experience one of the most exhilarating times of their lives on the Sigulda Bobsleigh and Luge track. Riders can reach up to 125 km/h when accelerating down the icy slide. Adrenaline junkies will love the thrill ride a bobsleigh or luge gives them. Tourists may also be able to watch an international or local bobsleigh and luge competition while visiting the track.


Curling is known as ‘chess on ice’ and its intricate moves make it a game of skill and quick thinking. There are over 1.5 million registered curling players in the world and on a trip to Riga, travellers can find out just why the game is loved by so many individuals.

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Visitors can book a curling lesson that will teach them the rules and techniques needed to play the game. Following the lesson’s completion, learners will have the chance to test their new knowledge and skills on the ice. Players will learn just why curling is the ‘most fun anyone can have on ice’.

Husky Dog Sled Rides

Husky dog sled rides are a chance to connect with Latvia’s unforgettable countryside. Strong husky dogs will pull riders over snowy paths and through Latvian forests on a three to five kilometre adventure. Riders will learn how to work with the dogs and control the sled before setting out.

Husky Sledding In Riga | ExperienceBaltics.com

Once learners complete their instructions, they will enjoy one of the most unforgettable holiday experiences when taking to Latvian countryside with their team of dogs.

Riga Indoor Karting

Visitors looking to go inside and out of the snow can find adrenaline pumping excitement at one of Riga’s many indoor karting centres. Petrol heads will especially love getting behind the wheel of a go-kart and speeding around an indoor track. There are even karting centres that will pick customers up at their hotel and drop them off when finished racing.

Riga Indoor Paintball

Paintball gives groups of friends the chance to take to a course and shoot it out with one another. Indoor paintball is perfect for stag weekends or large groups on holiday. Riga has a variety of indoor facilities offering paintball games. The variety allows players to choose the perfect place.

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Whether it is an old Soviet-era bunker or a more modern style course, players will have an exhilarating time.

Riga offers visitors variety during a trip in winter. From great outdoor adventures to fun inside, Riga is a destination that shouldn’t be missed when the temperatures drop.